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Maths, X

  • Draw less than ogive and greater than ogive curves and show median on a graph.

Check the result by actual calculation

  • 150 spherical marbles each of radius 1.4 cm are dropped in a cylindrical vessel of radius 7cm containing some water. Find the rise in the level of water
  • All the black face cards are removed from a pack of52 playing cards. The remaining cards are well shuffled and then a card is drawn at random. Find the probability of getting a
  1. Face card
  2. Red card
  3. Black card
  4. A king
  • Construct a right triangle in which the sides are of length 6cm and 8cm (other than the hypotenuse). Then construct another triangle whose sides are 3/5 times the corresponding sides of the given triangle.
  • Two tangents PA and PB are drawn to a circle with centre O, such that <APB = 120o. Prove that OP = 2 AP.

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