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Maths, X

  1. Construct an triangle ABC in which BC=5.5cm,angleB=60° and the sum of two side is 8.6cm.
  2. Construct an triangle XYZ in which angle y=45°,angle z=75°and XY+YZ+ZX=12cm.
  3. Students of a school staged a rally for cleanliness They walked through the laws in two groups. One group walked through the laws AB,BC,AC,which the others  through AC,CD and AC. Then they cleaned the area enclosed within their laws.IfAB=9cm,BC=40cm,CD=15cm

,DA=28cm and angle B=90°.Which group cleaned more area and by how much ? Find

the total area enclosed by the students.

  1. Find the height of a Trapezium in which parallel sides are 25cm and 77cm and non parallel sides are 26 and 60cm. given,  the area of the Trapezium as 1644cm².
  2. The length of sides of a triangle are in the ratio 3:4:5 and its perimetre is 120m,find its area?

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