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Business Studies, XI

  1. What is e-business?
  2. What reward an enterprise gets for risk-bearing in business?
  3. A person sells his old car at a profit, can it be termed as business activity.
  4. What is social responsibility of business? Explain the arguments in favour of social responsibility?
  5. State any two advantages of Joint Hindu Family Business?
  6. Distinguish between business and employment.
  7. What are the consequences of non registration of partnership firm?
  8. State various trade centres in ancient India.
  9. Briefly state the causes of business risks?
  10. Explain the scope of e-business?
  11. Bring out any three functions of commerce?

12.A partnership with five partners is operating a shoe factory and retail outlets in five big cities. The demand of the firm’s products has increased considerably, but it does not have the capacity to produce demanded quantity. For expanding its operations, the firm needs more capital, manpower and machinery. For this, the firm can admit new partners or convert partnership into a public limited company. Which alternative will you suggest and why.

  1. What is an industry? Explain different types of Primary industries?
  2. Explain the principles of insurance?
  3. Explain the factors keep in mind while starting a business?

16.”One man control is the best in the world if that one man is big enough to manage everything.” Explain this statement.

  1. Define a partnership? Explain the different types of partners?
  2. Differentiate between traditional business and e- business?
  3. Explain the problems of small business?
  4. Explain the role of small business in India?
  5. Explain the services of wholesaler to manufactures and retailers.
  6. What is meant by business? Why should a business have multiple objectives? Explain.
  7. Explain various sources of finance available for business?

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