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English, XII

Q 1. Read the passage given below carefully and answer the questions that follow:

  1. Physical education which is commonly part of the curriculum at school level includes training in the development and care of the human body and maintaining physical fitness. Physical education is also about sharpening overall cognitive abilities and motor skills via athletics, exercise and various other physical activities like martial arts and dance.
  2. Physical education promotes the importance of inclusion of a regular fitness activity in the routine. This helps the students to maintain their fitness, develop their muscular strength, increase their stamina and thus stretch their physical abilities to an optimum level. Physical fitness helps them, to inculcate the importance of maintaining a healthie body, which in turn keeps them happy and energized.
  3. Participating in sports, be it team sports or dual and individual sports, leads to a major boost in self-confidence. The ability to go on the field and perform instills a sense of self-confidence, which is very important for the developments of a person’s self-confidence. Moreover, the ability to accept defeat on the field and yet believe in your capabilities bring a sense of positive attitude as well.
  4. Physical education classes are about participating in the physical fitness and recreation activities, but they are also a bout learning the overall aspects of physical health. For example, in today’s world the problems of obesity, or anaemia and bulimia are common amongst teenagers. Physical education provides an excellent opportunity for teache4rs to promote the benefits of healthy and nutritious food and warn against the ill effects of junk food. Promoting sound eating practices and guidelines for nutrition are some of the very valuable lessons that can be taught through physical education classes at school level.
  5. Participation in team sports and even dual sports helps to imbibe a sense of team spirit amongst the students. While participating in team sports, children have to function as an entire team, and hence they learn how to organize themselves and function together. This process of team building hones a person’s overall communication skills and the ability to get along with different people.

6.Participation in sports and physical education activities helps to sharpen the reflexes of the students.  It also brings order and discipline to the body movements and helps in development of a sound body posture.  The hand-eye coordination improves as well.

  1. Physical education classes also include lessons about the importance of personal hygiene and importance of cleanliness. Thus, these classes help the students to know the important hygiene practices that must be practiced in order to maintain health and wellness throughout life.
  2. Physical education classes help to enhance the overall cognitive abilities of the students, since they get a knowledge of the different kinds of sports and physical activities that they participate in. For example, a person who is participating in a specific type of martial arts class, will also gain knowledge of the origins of the martial arts, and the other practices and historical significance associated with it.


On the basis of your understanding of the above passage, make notes on it using headings and subheadings. Use recognizable abbreviations (wherever necessary –minimum four) and a format you consider suitable.  Also supply an appropriate tittle to it.

Q.1.2Write a summary of the above passage in about 100 words.

Q.2. Your old friend, Suresh Menon Has invited you to join him on his 10th marriage anniversary.  Unfortunately, you are not able to attend the function.  Write an informal reply in about 50 words expressing your inability to be present on the occasion.  You are Gitika/Ganesh, Pandit Nagar, Nashik.

Q.3. It is true that water will become a scarce commodity in the near future.  We are notorious for wasting water.  We waste water during weddings.  We waste water at our homes and also at hour schools.  Write a speech in 150-200 words on the topic, ‘Water is precious: use it wisely’ to be delivered in the school morning assembly.  You are Govind/Govindi.

Q.4. ‘The Last Lesson’ deals with the theme of the impact of war on life at school. Discuss in 120 – 150 words.

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