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Accountancy, XII

  1. What are not-for- profit organisations? Explain its features.
  2. Give two examples of not for profit organisations functioning in your area.
  3. State various accounts prepared by not for profit organisations.
  4. What is receipts and payments account? State its features.
  5. What is meant by income and expenditure account? How does it differ from receiptsand payments account?
  6. What is meant by subscription? How will you recorded in books.
  7. How will you treat the following:
  8. Legacies
  9. Donation
  10. Sale of assets
  11. Life membership fee
  12. Entrance fee
  13. Define Partnership? Explain its features.
  14. What is partnership deed? State its contents.
  15. State the provisions affecting accounts in the absence of partnership deed.
  16. Differentiate between fixed capital and fluctuating capital.
  17. What is goodwill?
  18. Define company? Explain its features.
  19. Explain different types of companies.
  20. Explain various clauses of capital.
  21. Difference between share and debenture.
  22. What is a debenture? Explain different types of debentures
  23. What is a preference share? Explain different types of preference shares.
  24. What are financial statements? State its significance.
  25. List the parties interested in financial statement analysis.
  26. Explain the tools of financial analysis.
  27. For project work-Visit any business establishment in your locality and collect transactions relating to particular month. On the basis of that transactions pass journal entries ,prepare ledger accounts, trial balance and prepare trading , profit and loss account and balance sheet.

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