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Business Studies, XII


  1. Define management? Explain its importance.
  2. What are the features of management.
  3. Explain whether management is an art or science.
  4. Explain the objectives of management.
  5. Briefly explain the functions of different levels of management?
  6. What is coordination? Explain its importance.
  7. Management is like a medical profession. Do you agree. Give reasons.
  8. Explain the functions of management.
  9. Explain the significance of principles of management.
  10. Define scientific management?
  11. Explain the techniques of scientific management.
  12. Explain any five principles of Fayol.
  13. What is business environment?
  14. Explain the significance of business environment?
  15. Explain the various dimensions of business environment?
  16. Explain the policy changes towards business and industry
  17. What is LPG?
  18. Define planning? State its features.
  19. Explain importance of planning to management.
  20. Explain the steps in process of planning.
  21. Explain various types of plans.


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