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Hindi, III


  1. बारहखड़ी (का, की, कि, कु, कू, के, को (से शुरू करके)…………………..हा, ही, हि, हु, हू, हे, है (तक)) एक चार्ट पर लिखिए और चार्ट को रोज़ पढ़िए।
  2. एक अलग कॉपी बनाए और रोज़ाना एक पेज पर पाँच वाक्य सुलेख लिखें।
  3. आपने ग्रीष्मावकाश कैसे बिताया, उसका एक चित्र बनायें और ग्रीष्मावकाश पर पाँच वाक्य लिखिए।
  4. कोई दस हिन्दी के शब्द एक पॉकेट डायरी में लिखें, उनका चित्र बनाए और शब्द कोश तैयार करें ।

English, III

  1. Draw the picture of a garden and write 5 sentences on the topic, “My Garden’.
  2. Write the names of common birds that you see around you. [Any 5]. How do you help the birds in the Summer season?
  3. Make a Flower Scrap book. [Collect any 5 flowers, press them between newspaper sheets, stick the dry flowers in your scrap book. ]

[ Do in the Scrap book. Date of submission: 31/05/2019]





  • Collect different types of cereals and make mathematical figures like

triangle, square, circle and rectangle using it.

  • Make one greeting card using dried leaves and flowers.
  • Draw five animals using thumb printing and write their names below.
  • Observe your surrounding area . Write names of ten birds you have

seen and paste pictures.

Maths, III

  • Do the following activities in the activity book :-
  • Draw pictures using basic geometric shapes and colour it.
  • Make different patterns using shape of leaves.
  • Make a list of ten things with the quantity that your parents purchased in a month.

Hindi, III

कक्षा – 3

  1. गाँधीजी के चित्र चिपकर उनके बारे में पाँच वाक्य लिखो ।
  2. बाघ के बारे में पाँच वाक्य लिखो और चित्र भी चिपकाओ ।
  3. पुनरावृत्ति करो ।


  1. Visit a post office. Post a greeting card to your friend.
  2. Read a story book.
  3. Revise the lessons for the periodic test.


  • Learn multiplication table from 1 to 10
  • Make multiplication fact tree for the numbers 8 and 15.

(Revision for periodic test)


Do it in your scrapbook

  • Paste the pictures of different type of houses. Write2 sentences about it.
  • Which is your Favourite Game. Write five sentences about your Favourite Game. Paste the picture also

Hindi, III, IV, V

Hindi, Class III, IV & V

English, III

  1. Write a paragraph each on the given topics:
  2. My Brother / My sister
  3. My Pet
  4. My Grandmother
  5. Revise the lessons, units 7, 8, 9[Lessons: ‘Puppy and I’, ‘Little Tiger, Big Tiger’, ‘what’s in the Mailbox?’, ‘My Silly Sister’, ‘Don’t Tel’, ‘He is My Brother’].
  6. Write the questions and answers of the above lessons.
  7. Write the new words of the above lessons five times each.
  8. Draw the picture given on page no: 91 [‘He is My Brother’, Date of submission: 03.01.2018].

Hindi, III

कक्षा 3

  1. अपने मनपसंद त्योहार के बारे मे लिखो |
  2. भारत मे पाए जानेवाले जहरीले सॅॉपों के 5 चित्र चिपकाओ |
  3. पुनरावृत्ति कार्य (Revision) पाठ 9 से 12 तक |

Maths, III

  1. Draw any three balances.
  2. Write 5 things that are bought at home.
  3. Less than 1kg.
  4. More than 1kg.
  5. Draw the multiplication Tree (Page 133).
  6. Complete the multiplication grid (Page 142)
  7. Stick multiplication table.


  1. Revise the lessons for Periodic test lesson 13 to 18.
  2. Make a model of any type of house of your choice.
  3. Write your favourite game, 5 rules we need to follow while playing the game.


  1. Revise the chapters 13 to 18.

[“Sharing Our Feelings” to “A House Like This”]

  1. Write the names of three medicinal plants and their uses.
  2. Name three indoor games and three outdoor games.
  3. What qualities do we inculcate by playing games?
  4. Draw post cards and write address of your school and your residential address with PIN code.
  5. Write the names of means of communication.
  6. Draw pictures of (1) letter box (2) stilt house (3) house boat (4)potter’s wheel (5)chess board.
  7. Mark the states of India in the outline map of India.

 [Write in A4 size paper. Date of submission: 03/01/2018]                    [SSK]

English, III

  1. Write a paragraph each on the given topics:
  • My Brother / My Sister (b) My Pet (c) My Grandmother
  1. Revise the lessons, Units 7, 8 & 9.

[Lessons: ‘Puppy and I’,  ‘Little Tiger, Big Tiger’, ‘What’s in the Mailbox?’, ‘My Silly Sister’, ‘Don’t Tell’, ‘He is My Brother’.]

  1. Write the questions & answers of the above lessons.
  2. Write the new words five times each.
  3. Illustration on page no. 91 (He is My Brother)

[ Write in A4 size paper. Date of submission: 03/01/2018 ]

Maths III A,B, C, D

Do in Maths lab activity book ( 100 pages plain kingsize note book)

1.Paste three pictures of side view ,top view and front view of objects like vehicles, buildings, animals, etc`.

2.Make mask of any two animals.