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Hindi, IV

  • अच्छी सीख देने वाली एक कविता (22-24 lined) लिखें और याद करें ।
  • एक अच्छी कहानी लिखें और सीख सहित याद करें ।
  • कोई 10 प्रधान समाचार चित्र सहित लिखें(with date)

Maths IV A, B, C, D

(1),Learn multiplication table 2 to 10

(2)Paste four pictures each of objects having the shape of Cube,Cuboid,Cylinder,Cone in your activity book

English, IV

  • Learn a short story with a moral .
  • Read a story book . Write a short summary of the story. Write about one character that  you liked most from that story.(A4 size paper)


  • Stick pictures of different types of bridges and write the materials used to make these bridges ( Do it in your scrap book ).
  • Stick pictures of any 5 endangered animals .Write their names below. (Do it in your scrap book ).

Maths, IV A,B,C,D

1) Paste 4 pictures each of objects having the shape of Cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone in your activity book

2) Find the length and breadth of the following objects

a) Maths textbook

b) Maths notebook.

Note it in your activity book.

Hindi III, IV, V


Hindi, IV

  1. एक हिन्दी कहानी पड़ो और सारांमश लिखो|
  2. 2. (12.16 से 2.1.17) तक घटित कोई पांच प्रमुख समाचार चित्र सहित लिखो

(Scrap book A4 Size)

Maths, IV

Do in A4 size paper.

1) Paste pictures of any 8 helpers and write it about the work they doin sentences.

2) Prepare a speech giving some reasons “Why we should protect plants and animals?”

Hindi, IV

  1. गांधीजी के बारे में लिखो । चित्र चिपकाओ । (A-4 size paper)
  2. स्वतंत्रता सेनानी के बारे में लिखो और चित्र चिपकाओ । (scrap book )
  3. आपने छुट्टियाँ कैसे बिताया ? उसके बारे में अपने शब्द में लिखो । (A-4 size paper )


Do in Scrap book.

  1. Picture album of birds.
  2. a) Pictures of birds.
  3. b) Different kinds of beaks and feets.
  4. c) Different kinds of feathers.
  5. d) Extinct birds.
  6. e) Write a paragraph about our national bird.
  7. Make cut outs of fruits and vegetables

English, IV



Hindi, IV

  • कोई प्रसिद्ध  कवि के दो कविताएँ ( 22 -24 पंक्तियाँ ) लिखो, और एक कविता याद करो।
  • अकबर और बीरबल से सम्बंधित कहानियाँ पढ़ो और किसी एक का सारांश लिखो।
  • कोई भी समाचार पत्र से कोई पाँच मुख्य समाचार लिखो ,चित्र सहित।


  • Mark the following states in the Political map of India
  1. Assam    b) Rajasthan    c) Uttarakhand       d) Kerala                   e) Gujarat
  • Paste the pictures of different types of bridges.

Maths, IV

In your Maths Lab Activity Book, paste 3 pictures each of objects having the following shapes

  1. Cube b) cuboid      c) cylinder    d) sphere     e) cone

English, IV

  • Read a story book and write its review.
  • Make an animal mask.
  • Learn two English poems for recitation.(20-24 lines)

All Subjects, Class IV

Holiday homework Class IV All Subjects