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Q1. Basva’s father is a ………………….

a)     Doctor b)Engineer c)Farmer d)Teacher

Q2. Belvanika village is situated in ……………………..

a)      Andhrapradesh b)Karnataka c)Kerala d)Tamilnadu

Q3. ……………………..implement is used to dig the soil.

a) Illige b)Kurige c)Khunti d) Sickle

Q4. Onion is the ……………….part of the plant.

a) stem b)root c)flower d)leaf

Q5. ………………is used to cut the dry leaves of onion.

a)      Kurige b)Khunti c)Illige d)Spade


Q1. Vaishali’s father is a …………………

a)      milk-man b)green grocer c)fruit seller d) grocer

Q2. …………………. Vegetable spoil quickly.

a)Onion b)Potato c)Spinach d)Dry chilly

Q3. …………..vegetable is smooth to touch.

a)      Bitter gourd b)Tomato c) Drumstick d)Cauliflower.

Q4. …………..fruit  can stay for some days.

a)      Grapes b)Banana c)Apple d)Mango

Q5. ……………….vegetable does not have seeds .

a)      Tomato b)Potato c) Brinjal d)Pumpkin.


Q6.Which bird does not make nest of it’s own ?

a)      Crow b) Koel c)Weaver bird d)Tailor bird

Q7. Which bird was used to send message in olden days ?

a)      Sparrow b)Peacock c)Pigeon d)Parrot

Q8. Which bird imitates human voice?

a)     Sun bird b)Indian robin c)Parrot d)Dove

Q9. Which bird make holes in the tree trunks ?

a)      Eagle b)Vulture c)Woodpecker d)Barbet

Q10. Which is a mammal that can fly ?

a)     Bat b)Sparrow c)Crow d)Peacock


Q11.Mumbai is the capital of—————————- .

a)      Madhya pradesh b)Maharashtra c)Rajasthan d)Karnataka

Q12. Mother’s brother is called ………………………….

a)      nana b)dada c)mama d) cha-cha

Q13. Nandita’s uncle has …………….children.

a)five b)one c)two d)three

Q14Which transport did Nandita use to reach Mumbai?

a)      An aeroplane b)Train c)Ship d)Bus

Q15. Which is not a metro city ?

a)      Mumbai b)Madurai c)Chennai d)Kolkatta


16. Colour of Water is a ——— .

a) Red        b)  Green      c) White   d) Colour less

17. Which water is safe to drink?

a) Sea water     b) Dam water        c) Gutter water        d) Tube well water

18. What is the short form of Oral Rehydration Solution?

a) RDO      b)   DRO      c)  PRO      d)    ORS

19.Where does the water come for your school?

a)  Pond      b) Tap     c) Hand pump     d) Well

20. Which disease spread through water?

a) Malaria    b) Cholera    c) Dengue      d)  Filaria


21. Which one of the vegetables is the root of a plant?

a) Brinjal      b)  Carrot    c)   Cauliflower     d) Tomato

22. Which is our National Tree?

a)  Mango tree    b)  Neem Tree    c)  Banyan Tree    d) Coconut tree

23. Which part of the plant absorb water from the soil?

a) Leaf     b)  Flower   c)  Branches     d) Root

24. Which is not required for germination of seeds?

a) Air    b) Moisture     c) Sunlight    d) Rain

25.Desert oak tree is found in ——— .

a)  America    b) India     c) China     d) Australia


Date of submission: 2 Jan 2015

English IV A, B, C, D


Listen to the news in TV everyday and write one important news .


Prepare a speech on the Importance of Trees .Give some reasons why they are protected and also give ways how you could protect them.


Read books –Akbar Birbal stories,Hoja’S Stories ,topic related to Animal Life ,plant life, Our Universe.


Three to four sentences about the books which you would read during holidays.

Hints:-Name of the book, What is the book about, Author, and The character you liked the most.


Collect the new words from the lessons –The Donkey to The Giving Tree.

Arrange them In alphabetical order.

Handwriting:- Improve your handwriting.


Date of submission: 5 Jan. 2014

Maths IV A,B,C,D

1. Using the table of 3and 5 form the table of 8

2. Divide and verify the following

a)426÷5 b)635÷4 c)168÷8

3. Arrange the following in two different ways

a)12 sweets b)15 balls

4. Stick pictures of any three instruments used to measure weight.

5. Make a toy balance


(Do the questions in A4 size paper and submit it on 02-01-2015)


Mrs. Lekshmi S P

Maths IV A, B, C, D

Ms Lakshmi H. G., PRT

Ms Adeline, PRT

Ms Sheeja, PRT

Ms Sarojam R. Pillai, PRT

Date of submission: 23 June 2014

Do the homework in the activity note

1.Draw a pattern for each

a)wall pattern

b)floor pattern

c)jaali pattern

d)jharokha (window) pattern


2. To make a repeated tiling pattern on a dot paper,using geometrical shapes as tiles.

3. Make a model of a ruler using a chart paper of length 30 cm and stick it on the activity note.




Mrs.Latha T S


Date of submission: 23 June 2014

Do the following in a scrap book and bring it on 23.06.2014.

Q 1.Paste or draw pictures of bridges made by using different materials like Bamboo, Rope, Cement etc.

Q 2. Paste pictures of animals whose ears we can see and animals whose ears we cannot see.(5-10 pictures each)

Q 3.Paste pictures of animals having beautiful patterns on their body and write their names.

Q 4. Paste picture of an Elephant and write about it.

English IV A, B, C, D

Ms G. S. Ranjini, PRT

Ms Sudha Devi, PRT

Date of submission: 23 June 2014


1) Improve your handwriting by writing(cursive writing) half a page everyday in your handwriting book.

2)Read poems, stories and articles and write the titles in the class work book.

3)Write 5 sentences about` Mother Nature` and stick a picture which shows the beauty of Nature.

4)Stick /Draw the picture of a clock and write/ copy a poem on ` Time`

5)Collect 5 proverbs.

English IV

Ms Sreeja S. Kumar, PRT

Date of submission: 23 June 2014

1. Collect and stick any five pictures of summer fruits and describe it in five sentences.

2. Pick out the ‘noun’ from the lesson Neha’s alarm clock and write it.

3. Read a book and write the review on it.

Maths IV (S-II)

Ms Indu K. S.

Date of submission: 23/06/2014



I Find the following

a) 30087 + 3005

b) 10000 – 889

c) 37 x 8

d) 25 x 25

e) 81 ÷ 9

II The cost of thousand bricks is Rs 2400.Find the cost of

a) 500 bricks

b) 2000 bricks

c) 3000 bricks

d) 5000 bricks

III The cost of one brick is Rs 12. Find the cost of

a) 100 bricks

b) 200 bricks

c) 500 bricks

d) 1000 bricks

1V Learn by heart the muiltiplication table from 2to 10

Computer Science IV

I. Write the names of Inventors.

1. Analytical Engine -

2. Pascaline -

3. Arithometer -

4. Napier’s Bone’s -

5. Modified pascaline -

6. Abacus -

II. Match the following.

1. Charles Babbage – 1820

2. Analytical Engine – Input device

3. Pascaline – 1833

4. Keyboard – Wheels and dials

5. Difference engine – Father of computer

6. Arithometer – 1822

Music IV A, B, C, D

1. Practice of Songs

Guru Vandana

Chal re nojawan chal (Geet)



1. Mr.Hussain Ali

Maths IV A, B, C, D

I. Make different floor patterns using colour papers.

II. Make a multiplication table book for numbers 2 to 100 and learn it.


Subject teachers

1. Mrs.Adeline.J

2. Mrs.Susmitha.S.R

3. Mrs.Nunnu Michael

4. Mrs.Preethi.I


1. Make a collage of a herd of elephants. For this collect as many pictures of elephants that you can. Cut out the elephants and stick them.

2. Paste the pictures of national animal and national bird and write a paragraph about them.

3. Make an album –

a. Animals that lay eggs .

b. Animals that give birth to young ones.

c. Extinct animals.


Subject teachers

1. Sreelatha.T.A

2. Mrs.Jayasree

3. Mrs.Preethi

4. Mrs.Sheeja

English IV A, B, C, D

1. Hand writing – Write a good thought in a page (10 pages).

2. Dictionary skill – Write 10 new words and its meanings from the dictionary.

3. Scrap work – Paste pictures of clocks and write a passage about the importance of time.

4. Project – Make a puppet.

5. Reading – Read short stories and write the summary of any one.

6. Collect and write twenty words that have same sound but different meanings.


Subject Teachers

1. Mrs.Sreelatha.T.A

2. Mrs.Shyla.S

3. Mrs.Sheeja.P

4. Mrs.Judy

Hindi IV A, B, C, D

   1 baIrbala kI catura[- ko ikssao bahut hI maSahUr hO . tuma BaI baIrbala ko eosao hI kao[- vaao ikssao  ZU^Zao AaOr ica~kqaa ko maaQyama  sao khanaI kao sk`Op bauk mao dSaa-Aao .

     2 baadlaao sao saMbaiQat dao kivatae^ kma sao kma 20 pi@tyaaoM maoM saundr laoK maoM ilaKao .

    3 ApnaI paz\yapustk maoM sao 20 nae Sabd ZU^Zkr ilaKao .

    4 p`itidna ApnaI paz\yapustk ka ek paz pZ,ao evaM kxaa maoM krvaayaa gayaa kaya- yaad krao .

ivaYaya iSaxak

1 EaImatI  ivajaya kumaarI

2 EaImatI Sa\rIjaa p`saad

3 EaImatI jayaEaI

4 EaImatI kaOr

English, IV

1. Make meaningful words from the word ‘ALARM CLOCK’ .

(Make 3 or more than 3 letters words)

2. Read a story. Write the summary and moral of the story.

3. Connect the pair of sentences given below using ‘and’ / ‘but’

a) We sold our old car. We bought a new one. (and)

b) I have a bat. I don’t have a ball. (but)

c) We listened to music. We danced. (and)

d) Anu studied hard. She failed in the test. (but)


Maths IV

1. Make a model of a cuboid and measure the length, width and height.


Colour some bricks red and cut them. Make your own Jaali pattern/ wall pattern or floor pattern.

2. Qutab Minar is a famous monument of India. Qutab Minar is 72 m high.

Collect and paste the pictures of any 5 famous monument of India and find out the height of these.

3. Make the following numbers in the place value chart and write the number name.

a) 10,087 b) 3,54,924 c) 8,00009


Ms Shyla S., HM


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