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Hindi VI-X

Hindi VI-X (Autumn Break 2017)

English IX A, B, C

  1. Write summary of the Long Reading Novel ‘Three Men in a Boat’. (Chapter 1 to 10)

NOTE: Use A4 size paper or Assignment Paper

English, IX, X

Download OTBA material from cbse site and read it. Prepare the questions’ answers

Social Science, IX

  1. How have advances  in technology  especially  television technology  affect  the  development  of contemporary  cricket ?
  2. “ The 1970’s was the decade  in which  the cricket was  transformed”. Justify.
  3. “The British  used cricket  to carryout  there racial policy  in the colonies” .  Justify  by giving examples”.

Maths, IX

(Answers may be written neatly on A4 papers. Diagrams are to be drawn neatly)

  1. Write y=2 as a linear equation in two variables.
  2. Write the values of ‘a’ and ‘b’ after arranging 4= -8y+5x in the form ax+by+c=0
  3. Draw the graph of the linear equation (1) ,  (2)  and           (3)
  4. Draw the graph of . From the graph find the value of ‘y’ when x=5.
  5. The angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio 3:5:9:11. Find all the angles.
  6. Draw a digram to represent two triangles on the same base and between the same parallels.
  7. Draw a digram to represent two parallelograms on the same base and between the same parallels.
  8. Draw a digram to represent ta triangle and a parallelogram on the same base and between the same parallels.
  9. Prove that parallelograms on the same base and between the same parallels are equal in their areas.
  10. E is any point on median AD of a triangle ABC. Show that ar (ABE) = ar (ACE)





B                                         C


  1. With the help of a neat diagram, Show that the line segment joining the

midpoints of two sides of a triangle are parallel to the third side and is half of it.

  1. ABCD is a rhombus and P,Q,R,S are the midpoints of the sides AB, BC, CD and

DA respectively. Show that PQRS is a rectangle.

  1. Prove that in a circle chords equidistant from the centre are equal.
  2. Prove that equal chords are equidistant from the centre.

15.A chord of a circle is equal to the radius .Find the angle subtended by the chord at a point on the minor arc and also at appoint on the major arc.

16.Draw four concentric circles of radii 3 cm, 3.3 cm , 3.6 cm and 3.9 cm. Draw a common  chord of all the circles.

  1. Draw circles to represent the following elements and name each

( 1 ) a radius  (2) a diameter ( 3) a chord  ( 4) an arc   (5) a sector  (6) a segment (7) angle subtended by an arc at the centre  (8) angle subtended by a chord at the centre (9) angle subtended by an arc at a point on the remaining part of the circle (10) angle made in a semi circle ( 11) angle made by an arc at a point on it (12)a cyclic quadrilateral

18.A farmer was having a field in the form of a parallelogram PQRS.He took a point ‘A’on the side RS and joined it to ‘P’ and ‘Q’.In how many parts the field is divided into. What are the shapes of these parts. He wanted to sow wheat and pulses in equal portions of the field separately. How is it possible?

  1. If E,F,G,H are the midpoints of the sides of a parallelogram ABCD, Show that

ar(EFGH )= ar(ABCD)

  1. Find the measure of each angle of a parallelogram if one of its angles is 15° less than twice the smallest angle.

You may download: maths-class-ix

Sanskrit, IX

क्त ,क्तवतु ,शतृ ,शानच् प्रत्ययान्  प्रयुज्य पञ्चविंशति वाक्यानि लिखत ।

Science, IX

IX Make a survey on occurrence of infectious and non-infectious diseases in your neighbourhood din last two months

Maths, IX

Area of Parallelograms

1.The mid point of the sides of a triangle ABC along with any one of the vertices as the fourth

point makes a parallelogram find area .

2.ABCD is a parallelogram and X is the mid-pointof AB. If ar (AXCD) = 24 cm2, then

ar(ABC)= 24 cm2. It is true ?

  1. ABC and BDE are two equilateral triangles such that D is mid-point of BC. Show that

ar (BDE) =1/4 ar (ABC).

4 If the mid-points of the sides of a quadrilateral are joined in order, prove that the area of the

parallelogram so formed will be half of that of the given quadrilateral.

  1. Triangles ABC and DBC are on the same base BCwith vertices A and D on opposite sides of

BC such that ar (ABC) = ar (DBC). Show that BC bisects AD.



  1. Find the point at which the equation 3x – 2y = 6 meets the x-axes.

2..  Find the coordinates of the points where the line 2x y = 3 meets both the axes.

3..  Find four solutions of 2x y = 4.

4..   Give two solutions of the equation x + 3y = 8.

  1. After 5 years, the age of father will be two times the age of son. Write a linear equation in two

variables to represent this statement.

  1. Express y in terms of x from the equation 3x + 2y= 8 and check whether the point (4, –2) lies

on the line.


  1. Two angles of a quadrilateral are 500 and 800 and other two angles are in the ratio 8:15, then find measures of the remaining two angles.
  1. ABCD is a trapezium, in which ABDC and ∠A = ∠B = 45. Then find ∠C and ∠D of a trapezium
  1. If an angle of a parallelogram is two-third of its adjacent angle, then find the smallest angle of the parallelogram
  2. In the given figure ABCD is a rhombus, then find the value of x.
  3. A square is inscribed in an isosceles right angled triangle, so that the square and the triangle have one angle common. Show that the vertex of the square opposite the vertex of the common angle bisects the hypotenuse.
  4. E and F respectively the mid-points of the non-parallel sides AD and BC of a trapezium ABCD. Prove that   EF‖‖AB and EF = (AB + CD).
  5. ABCD is a rhombus and AB is produced to E and F such that AE = AB = BF. Prove that EG and FG are perpendicular to each other.


  1. A circular park of radius 20 m is situated in a village. Three girls Rita, Sita and Gita are sitting at equal distance on its boundary each having a toy telephone in their hands to talk to each other. Find the length of the string of each phone
  2. If two circles intersect at two points, prove that their centers lies on the perpendicular

bisector of the common chord.

  1. In the given figure, if O is the centre of circle, determine ∠
  2. In the given figure, A, B, C and D are points on the circle such that ∠ ACB=400 and ∠DAB= 600, then find the measure of ∠DBA
  3. Find the length of a chord of a circle which is at a distance of 4 cm from the centre of the circle with radius 5 cm.
  4. Prove that if chords of congruent circles subtend equal angles at their centres, then they are equal.


Science IX A, B, C

Classify the house-hold items into different states of matter and state the reasons to justify your classification

English IX A,B,C

1. Prepare mind map of the lessons : The man who knew too much & Keeping it from Harold , in your scrap book.
2. Write summary of chapters from 14-19 , of the novel ‘Three Men in a Boat’, in A4 size paper.

Science, IX

Complete the exercises of the lessons “CHILDREN “ & “SPORTS AND GAMES “

from the Main Course Text

Sanskrit, VII-X

Sanskrit VII-X (Shift-II)

Hindi, VI-X

Hindi VI-X (Shift-II)

Social Science, IX

IX – Social Science  Holiday homework for Winter Break

  1. What is the National Population Policy(NPP 2000)?Why was NPP 2000 initiated by the government?

2.Explain any five significant characteristics of the adolescent population of India.

3.What is sex- ratio?Why has sex-ratio been unfavourable to females?Explain any four reasons.


4.Why do people migrate from rural to urban area


Maths IX A, B


HHW Maths Class 9 (Shift-II)

Date of submission: 4 January 2016


Chemistry IX

· Write example for each of the properties of matter from your daily life.