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Social Science, IX C,D


To maintain class work and homework including activity for the chapter climate (Geo).


Hindi VI-X

Hindi VI-X (Autumn Break 2017)

English, IX

  1. Read the prescribed novel ‘Three Men In A Boat’ and write the summary of the first five chapters.
  2. Write an article on each of the following:
  3. Pollution
  4. Child Labour

(Include relevant pictures)

Social Science IX

Do an assignment ( in 15-25 pages) on disaster management .

Maths, IX A, B, C, D

Maths IX

Hindi VI-X

Hindi Homework for Classes VI-X

Science, IX

(i) Explain Infectious and non-infectious diseases, its causative organism, its symptoms and preventive measures. Stick pictures of these diseases.

(ii) In an A-4 sized chart paper draw a labelled diagram of human ear  ( refer NCERT)

Maths, IX


English, IX

  • Profile of a sports personality.

Integrated Project

  1. Educating a girl child is a burden. Write an article with reference to “Right to Education”.
  2. History of Sports

Hindi, VI, VII, VIII, IX

Hindi Home work Class VI-IX

Sanskrit, IX

क्त ,क्तवतु ,शतृ ,शानच् प्रत्ययान्  प्रयुज्य पञ्चविंशति वाक्यानि लिखत ।

Maths, IX D

  1. Plot the points in the Cartesian plane. (In graph paper)

A(3,4), B(-4,5), C(6,-1), D(-4,-3), E(0,5), F(4,0), G(-6,0), H(-2,0)

  1. Write all the algebraic identities, with one example each.

Maths, IX

  1. Find six rational numbers between 2 and 5
  2. Find five rational numbers between 2/3 and 4/5
  3. Are the square roots of all positive integers irrational? If not, give an example of the square root of a number that is a rational number.
  4. State whether true or false.
  5. Every irrational number is a real
  6. Every rational number is is an integer.
  7. Every real number is an irrational number.

Science, IX

  1. Prepare a scrap book date wise for scientific news recently noticed/ to be noticed in the news paper. This will be considered as one activity for FA2 during the academic year 2016-2017.

Hindi VI-X

Hindi VI-X

Maths, IX A, B, C, D


  1. Express the linear equation 2x=-5y in the form ax+by+c=0 and indicate the values of a, b, and c .

2.Check whether (2,0) is a solution of the equation x-2y=4.

  1. If the point (3,4) lies on the graph of the equation 3y=ax+7, find the value of ‘a’.
  2. Show that the diagonals of a square are equal and bisect each other at right angles.
  3. ABCD is a trapezium in which AB||CD and AD=BC.

(Refer page no. 147 in text book , fig. 8.23)

Show that:-

<i> Angle A = Angle B

<ii> Angle C = Angle D

<iii> Triangle ABC = Triangle BAD

<iv> Diagonal AC = Diagonal BD

  1. (Refer to page no. 163 in text book, fig. 9.27)

In the figure, ABCDE is a pentagon. A line through B parallel to AC meets DC produced at F. Show that :-

<i> ar(ACB) = ar (ACF)

<ii> ar(AEDF) = ar(ABCDE)

7.Construct a Triangle ABC in which BC=7 cm, Angle B=75 degrees and AB+AC= 13 cm.

  1. Construct a Triangle XYZ in which angle Y=30 degrees, Angle Z=90 degrees and XY+YZ+ZX=11 cm.

Date of submission: 4 January 2016