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Hindi, V

  • अच्छी सीख देने वाली एक कविता (22-24 lined) लिखें और याद करें ।
  • एक अच्छी कहानी लिखें और सीख सहित याद करें ।
  • कोई 10 प्रधान समाचार चित्र सहित लिखें(with date)
  • अपनी छुट्टियाम कैसे बिताई ।
  • पाँच कहानियाँ पढ़ो ।
  • किसी एक त्योहार के चित्र और उसके बारे में अनुच्छेद लिखो।

Maths V A,B,C,D

Do the following in your activity book

  1. Stick different shapes
  2. Use different shapes to make sea animals and stick it.
  3. Collect and paste different types of boats.
  4. Learn multiplication tables from 2 to 15.


1.Name any five National parks/wild life sanctuaries of our country.Name the states in which they are located and write a brief report of each.

2.Collect the pictures of any two animals which are having super sense in

  1. a) Eye sight
  2. b) Smell
  3. c) Sound
  4. Make a beautiful poster with a message to save wild life.

English, V D

  1. Learn a poem of about 25 lines.
  2. Read a story book and write book-review
  3. Write a proverb and explain it.
  4. Make a word-ladder starting with the word “MARIGOLD”.
  5. Paste pictures to show describing words.
  6. Write a paragraph on “Qualities of a leader” / “Good Manners”.
  7. Make a power point presentation of the lesson “Ice-cream Man”.


Hindi III, IV, V


EVS, V A, B, C

  1. Write about the following outdoor games and paste pictures of famous players of each game.
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Cricket
  1. Write about some great people who have worked for the betterment of the people of low caste.


1.Collect pictures of  the damage caused due to cyclone varda in Chennai.Write a report  on it( ten sentences)

2.Make model of a Stethoscope

3Collect pictures of women of India who have achieved in the field of sports and games and write in which event they have achieved.

Hindi, V

I काल परिचय

1.मेरे दादाजी पुलिस में नौकरी करते थे  (—————————————)

2.मेरे पापा फौज में है।                (—————————————)

3.मै बडा होकर अध्यापक बनूंगा।        (—————————————)

II  उचिता विशेषण लिखिय:-

1.आसमान में —————————————– बादल छाय हुये है

2.—————————– आदमी लाठी टेक-टेक कर चल रहा था।

3.पिताजी ने आज———————————- कुर्ता पहना है।

III. सर्वनाम को रेखांकित कीजिए:-

1.आज स्कूल में मेरा पहला दिन था।

2.मीरा के जन्मदिन पर मित्रों ने उसे एक कहानी की किताब फेंट में दी।

3.तुम मेरे घर कब आ रहे हो।

IV किन्हीं पाँच मुहावरों को चित्रों द्वारा अभिव्यक्त कीजिय।

V परियोजना

1.पानी के बचत पर पाँच नारे लिखिय और पोस्टर बनाए।


पानी के बचत के पाँच तरीके लिखिए।

2.पानी के बचत पर आधारित एक मॉडल बनाइया।

English, V

  1. Write 10 words each starting with ‘Sh-’ and ‘Ch-’
  2. Write 10 words each ending with ‘-ment’ and ‘-tion’.
  3. Read story books. Write book-review of any one of the books that you have read.
  4. Write a proverb and explain it.
  5. Write a poem of about 20-25 lines.
  6. Prepare a speech on any one of the following topics:-

( a ) “Reading makes a complete man.”

( b ) “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

( c ) “Time is precious.”

( d ) “Health is wealth.”

( e ) “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

[Write in A4 size paper, keep in a file.]

Date of submission: 17/10/2016

Prepared by: Mrs. Sreeja S. Kumar, PRT

Maths V

1) Use 1/2cm grid,1cm grid and 2cm grid to draw a picture in a graph paper.

Does the shape of the picture change? What happens to its area when the side

of the square becomes 2 times bigger?

2)Collect a few pictures of the monuments at Delhi.

3) Stick the map of India. Mark the directions.

Mark those states which have the sea on one side.

Mark one state which does not have the sea on any side.

Is there any state which is to the north of Jammu Kashmir?

Is there any state which is to the west of Gujarat?



  1. Make posters and write slogans on the topic “ Save Fuel”
  2. List out the names of all states of our country in alphabetic order and write their capitals.

Locate the states in the political map.

  1. Make an album of Kashmir which comprises pictures, photographs and newspaper clippings of Kashmir regarding its tourist places ,costumes ,festivals , ,special food, houses,art , architecture and terrain.

Hindi, V

  • 1 – 50 तक की गिनती अंको व शब्दों में लिखिए।
  • सप्ताह के दिनों के नाम हिंदी व अंग्रेजी में लिखिए।
  • महीनो के नाम हिंदी व अंग्रेजी में लिखिए।
  •  भारत के पडोसी देशों को मानचित्र में दर्शाइए।
  • गर्मी की छुट्टियांं कैसे बिताई ? लिखिए।


  1. Name any five National Parks of India, collect information on these and write a report.
  2. Stick pictures of five animals and write a paragraph on the super senses of each animal.

Maths, V

Do the following in your Maths Lab Activity book

1.Cut different basic shapes and paste them to make fish (any five )

2. Paste pictures of different types of boats . (any five ).

English, V

  1. Listen to the English news bulletin on the radio / TV.
  2. Learn a poem of about 20 – 25 lines.
  3. Read story-books and write the titles of the stories.
  4. Write the names of ingredients and the method of preparation of your favourite dish.
  5. Write 5 thoughts (quotations) and explain them.
  6. Make a word-ladder starting from the word ‘WONDER’.
  7. Make words using the letters of the word, ‘CONSTRUCTION’.
  8. Prepare a speech on any one of the following topics:
  • Punctuality / Value of time
  • Good Manners
  • Conservation of water
  • Waste management
  • My ambition

Write in foolscap papers and keep in a file.

Date of submission: 30/05/2016

Make a useful item (eg. flower-pot, flower, wall-hanging, puppet etc.) using waste materials like empty cans, plastic bottles, polythene, soap-wrapper, toffee-wrapper etc.

Prepared by: Ms Sreeja S. Kumar

All Subjects, Class V

Class V EVS, Maths, English

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