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English, VI

1.(a) What is a desert? Collect details of any two deserts.

(b) Write about 1. Desert Plants 2.Desert Animals. Include colourful pictures.

2. Find out more about yourself based on the lesson ‘Who I Am’. Collect all details of your family
members (their likes and dislikes) and affix your photograph on the article that you prepare.


Date of submission: 3 Nov. 2015

Maths, VI

1    What fraction of an hour is 32
        minutes  ?
2    Express into mixed fraction .
        55/ 4    b)  27 /3    c)  19/6
3    Express into improper fraction.
       A) 2   3/4   b)5  4/  5
4   Write 5 equivalent fractions of        5/6.
  5   write the equivalent fraction
      of  3/5  having
         a) denominator   20    b)
         numerator  20.
6   Draw a numberline and mark
7   Draw a number line and locate
        the points  2/8 ,5/8  7/8 ,   9/8

Date of submission: 3 Nov. 2015

Science, VI

01. Stick pictures of different methods of separation of substances from their mixtures

02. Write down the exercise question page number: 44 and 45

Hindi, VI

कक्षा 6

1) आज़ादी की लडाई में भाग लिए दो महिलाओं का चित्र सहित वर्णन

2) अनुच्छेद लेखन (किसी एक)

v जवहरलाल नेहरु

v हेलेन केलर

3) बाँस से बननेवाले चीज़ों का नाम और चित्र

4) तुलसीदास का चित्र छिपकाकर उनकी दो कवि्ता लिखिए

Science VI A,B,C,D

1.Name the ingredients needed to prepare your favorite dishes.(any 5)

Stick pictures of a few dishes in your notebook.

Date of submission: 5 June 2015

Sanskrit VI

Date of submission: 5 June 2015

Select 10 अकारान्त पुल्लिङ्ग शब्दा:(masculine gender words ending in अ)such asगज ,बालक सिंह,अश्व,छात्र … and represent them with the help of pictures in all three numbers viz.singular,dual and plural as shown in the example.One page is to be used for one word.

Do this in the Activity Book





Paste the picture of one elephant


एक हाथी

One elephant




Two elephants


दो हाथी

Two elephants




More than two elephants


अनेक हाथी

Many elephants

Social Science VI A, B, C, D

Date of submission: 5 June 2015



Hindi VI-X

Click to download

Hindi Holiday Home work Class VI-X (Shift-I)

English VI A,B,C,D

Date of submission: 5 June 2015

I) Write a paragraph on the following topics:

1) My family

2) My school

3) My best friend

4) My pet

5) The book I like the most

II) Form the positive, comparative and superlative degrees of 25 adjectives.

Eg: tall, taller, tallest

Maths VI A,B,C,D

Date of submission: 2 Jan 2015


1.Draw number line and locate the following

1/8 ,2/8 ,3/8 ,7/8

2. Apala bought 2 and a half kg of potatoes whereas Meenu bought 1 and a half kilogram of potatoes. Find the total amout of potatoes purchased by apala and Meenu both ?

3. A teacher finished ¾ of her course. How much course is left?

4. Manish read 5/6 part of a book . Preethi read 1/6 part of that book what more part was read by Manish?

5. Two tens and two tenth =

6. 10 mm= cm

7. 2 cm 2mm= cm

8. 10 paise= rupees

9. 8 cm= m

10. 55 m = km

11. 1 kg 500 g = kg

12. the ratio of 25 minutes to 1 hour is —–

13. 100 students appeared for annual examination. 60 students passed. The ratio of number of students who failed to the total no of students is ——

14. the cost of 8 almirahs is 8000 rupees. What is the cost of 1 almirah?

15. An aeroplane cover a distance of 5000 km in 5 hours how much distance will it cover in 2 hours?

Social Science VI A,B,C,D


I.1 Find more about the life and teachings of Buddha


Collect information about Kalinga war.

II Explain the life of people in a mountain area and a plain area with pictures showing the activities of the people living in these areas

Evaluation Criteria

1 Mark for each correct answer

Total marks 20

II Take the print out of the given worksheets. Complete these worksheets and paste it in the activity book.

{1Mark for each correct answer}

Science VI A, B, C, D

Q1)Explain in brief movement in 



Q2) Stick pictures of habitats-desert, mountain,forest,water bodies and organisms living in these habitats .          

Hindi VI B, D

कक्षा 6

· समरूपी भिन्नार्थक,पर्यायवाची,विलोम शब्द

(किसी एक पर 20 शब्द)।

· संसार पुस्तक है – पाठ से संबधित चित्र चिपका कर

दो – दो वाक्य लिखिए और अल्बम बनाइए ।

· कारक (चार्ट)।

Date of submission: 5 Jan 2015

Ms Bindu V. G, TGT (Hindi)

English VI A,B,C,D

Homophones are words that have the same pronunciation but are spelt differently. Find out ten pairs of homophones, write their meanings and make sentences of your own using these words.

Date of submission: 2 Jan 2015

Art Education VI A, B, C, D

Mr Rajeev Ranjan, TGT (Art)

Date of submission: 23 June 2014


Draw 10 pencil sketches on an A4 size paper.

· Draw and colour a natural scene.

· Make a simple drawing of eg; a fruit, a vegetable, a bird etc. And colour it.

· Make a craft item by using waste materials like paper, cloth etc.

Social Science VI A, B, C, D

Mrs. Lathika Devi, TGT (SST)

Mrs. Latha Govindan, TGT (SST)

Mrs. Jolly Joseph, TGT (SST)

Date of submission: 23 June 2014


1.Draw the solar system and give a write up of each planet.

2. Why Earth is a unique planet, write up. Support it with pictures.


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