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Hindi VI-X

Hindi VI-X (Autumn Break 2017)

English VII A, B, C

  1. Make a diary entry of your Summer Vacation. (any 20days)
  2. Read a short story by any Indian English Writer (R K Narayan or Ruskin Bond) and write a short summary.





  • Use A4 size paper
  • Do not use file.




English, VII

Read the lesson The Story of Cricket and prepare a short project on the history of Cricket and its changes through the time.

Social Science, VII

  1. Describe the art of miniature painting.
  2. Describe how kathak dance evolved into the present form?
  3. What was called Rajputana by the British?
  4. What were the activities that people engaged in after migrating to forested and marshal areas ?
  5. Collect pictures of six  forms of classical Indian Dances  and make  an album.

Sanskrit, VII

चर् धातोः लट् ,लङ् , लृट् रूपाणि लिखत ।

Maths, VII

1.Write  five monomials with the variable x,  five binomials with the variable y and five trinomials with the variable z

2.Verify that area of  a parallelogram is base x altitude  with help of paper cutting  and paste the same in your notebook

Science, VII A, B, C


  1. Draw a labeled diagram of stomata. Write its functions.
  2. Explain photosynthesis with the help of a diagram. Write the relevant chemical equations.

Maths VII A,B,C

1. Draw 4 rectangle and 4 squares. Find the length of their size and find their perimeter and area.
2. Take a rectangle of size 8cm and 5cm. Cut the rectangle along its diagonal to get two traingle. Supercose one triangle on the other and find the areas of 4 triangle and compare their areas.
3. Draw a circle shade one half of the circle. Fold it into 8 parts and cut along fold. Arrange the seperate pieces which is roughly a parallelogram. Compare the area of circle and the parallelogram.

English VII A,B,C


1. Prepare family tree in a court paper with members name, occupation and relation.
2. Read supplementary reader (lesson 7,8,9 )and prepare pocket dictionary of new words.

Sanskrit, VII-X

Sanskrit VII-X (Shift-II)

Hindi, VI-X

Hindi VI-X (Shift-II)

Social Science, VII

VII – Social Science  Holiday homework for Winter Break

1.Define forest

2.Define grassland

3.Write shortly on prairies

4.Who are Red Indians

5. What is Chinook? How is Chinook useful to animals?

6.What are the following:

Ranches,  cowboys,  granaries of the world,  veld

7.How is climate in the veld?

8.What are the activities of people in veld?

Social Science, VIII


Social Science VII A,B


  1. Name three major types of rocks and explain each.
  2. What is rock cycle? Explain with picture.
  3. Why can’t we go to the centre of the Earth?
  4. What is universal adult franchise?
  5. What are the common forms of inequality?
  6. What is known as civil rights movement?
  7. What were the problems Omprakash Valmiki faced?
  8. Who is a cartographer?
  9. What are the sources to learn about the past?
  10. What did Amir Khusrau write about Sanskrit?
  11. Draw the outline map of India in a chart paper, mark the important rivers and name them.

Sanskrit VII

एतत् शब्दः पुंल्लिंङ्गे ।(द्विवारं लेखनीयम् )


Hindi VII

कक्षा : 7

(१)स्वरचित रचना-

२) निबन्ध –

समाचार पत्र

गणत‍ंत्र दिवस

मेरा भारत महान


३) बीस पर्यायवाचि

४) बीस विलोम शब्द