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VII                       ईकारान्त स्तीलिङ्ग ‘ नदी ’ शब्दः।

VIII                 पठ्, चल् , गम् धातूनां लृट्  लकारः ।

IX                  रचनानुवादः > अभ्यासवान् भव  page  47,48

X                                         तत्पुरुष ,अव्ययीभाव , द्वन्द्व, बहुव्रीहि समासानां पञ्च पञ्च उदाहरणानि ।

XI                         कृत् , क्त्वा,  ल्यप् , तुमुन् , शतृ ,शानच् ,क्त ,क्तवतु  प्रत्ययानां उदाहरणानि ।


Social Science, VII


  • “Electronic media has its bad impact on reading habit of children”. Write a short essay on this topic.
  • Write an article about “Sankaracharya, the religious reformer of South India”.



  • Prepare an advertisement of any product.
  • Collect and paste pictures of different types of houses, transportation and communication system.
  • Assignment- “Media and its influence in the society “
  • Collect and paste pictures of religious reformers of India.

English,VII A,B,C,D

  1. Write about any one fire incident that occurred in your locality or your state very recently and the damages caused. Stick paper cuttings related to the same.

(to be done in the activity book)


  1. Collect information about MCB’s
  2. Collect at least five fruit or vegetables and make sketches of the arrangement of seeds in them. Dry and paste the collected seeds in an A4 sheet paper.



1.अनुच्छे लेखन

प्रिय नेता



 2 .पत्र लेखन

संपादक के नाम पर शिकायती पत्र लिखिए |

 3.संधि एवं उसके प्रकार | स्वर संधि के बारे में उदाहरण द्वारा व्यक्त कीजिए |

Maths, VII

Download Class VII Maths

Science, VII

  1. Draw and label the parts of a plant and a leaf.
  2. Collect information and paste pictures of plant parts used as food.
  3. Collect information and paste pictures of plants and animals that provide fibres.


Maths, VII

Mathematics, Class VII

Hindi, VI, VII, VIII, X

Hindi, VI, VII, VIII, X

Hindi VI-X

Hindi VI-X (Autumn Break 2017)

English, VII

Write the book review of any two books you have read

Maths VII A,B,C,D

Maths VII

Hindi, VII


  1. दो स्वरचित कविताएं लिखो

2.पहले चार पाठो के 10- 10 कठिन शब्द लिखो और उनके लेखकों का परिचय लिखो ।

  1. अवकाश के लिए तथा मित्र को जन्मदिन पर आमंत्रण के लिए पत्र लिखो ।
  2. अनुछेद लिखो

i  भारतीय ऋतुएँ ।

ii राष्ट्रीय नदी गंगा  ।

iii समय का महत्व ।

iv मेरा प्रिय खेल ।

  1. परिभाषा लिख कर उदाहरण दें

संज्ञा , सर्वनाम , क्रिया , विशेषण और क्रिया-विशेषण ।

Hindi VI-X

Hindi Homework for Classes VI-X

English, VII

  1. Write any 25 words which are formed by adding prefixes.
  2. Write any 25 words which are formed by adding suffixes.
  3. Write 15 words with ‘en’  or ‘ing’ at the end which are not used as suffixes , but occur as an integral part of the word.

Science, VII

  1. Visit a fruit market and collect as many as local fruits as possible. If many fruits are not available, you can collect tomatoes, brinjal, drumstick, pumpkin, peas and cucumbers (these are fruits, though we use them as vegetables). Make drawings of the different fruits. Split the fruits and examine the seeds within. Look for any special characteristics in the fruits and their seeds. Make drawings of the different seeds or pate it. (minimum 10 types)


  1. Collect pictures and details of respiratory organs in different organisms (example: cockroach, fish, spider, birds)(minimum 5- maximum 10).



  1. Construct a cross word puzzle by using key words from the lesson ‘TRANSPORTATION IN PLANTS AND ANIMALS’