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Business Studies, XI

  1. What reward an enterprise gets for risk-bearing in business?
  2. Name the type of manufacturing industry wherein two or more ingredients are combined into one product.
  3. Name the partner who does not have interest in the partnership business but lends his name to the firm.
  4. State any two limitations of Joint Hindu Family Business?
  5. Give any two privileges of private company?
  6. Enumerate the any three features of co-operative societies.
  7. Nitin wants to establish a unit for manufacturing hosiery goods. Identify any three major decisions he will have to take.
  8. What is meant by employment? How does it differ from profession?
  9. Briefly state the nature of business risks?
  10. Explain the steps in the formation of a company?
  11. Explain the benefits of entering into joint venture?
  12. Explain banking services?
  13. Bring out any three functions of commerce?

14.A partnership with five partners is operating a shoe factory and retail outlets in five big cities. The demand of the firm’s products has increased considerably, but it does not have the capacity to produce demanded quantity. For expanding its operations, the firm needs more capital, manpower and machinery. For this, the firm can admit new partners or convert partnership into a public limited company.

Which alternative will you suggest and why.

  1. Explain different types of industries?
  2. Explain the factors keep in mind while starting a business?
  3. Define a partnership? Explain the different types of partnership?
  4. What is meant by business? Why should a business have multiple objectives?

Briefly explain any five objectives.

19.”One man control is the best in the world if that one man is big enough to manage everything.” Explain this statement.




Date of submission:    06/10/2017



Accountancy, XI

Answer all questions

  1. Define the term Current Liabilities?
  2. What is  cash discount?
  3. Which accounting principle states the at all anticipated losses should be recorded but all anticipated profits should be ignored?
  4. What is accounting standard?
  5. What is expense?
  6. What is matching concept? Why should a business concern follow this concept?
  7. State the role of accounting in business?
  8. What are source documents? State the elements of accounting voucher?
  9. Explain the principle states that the financial statements should disclose all significant informations?
  10. State any five users of accounting information. Why do they need accounting information?
  11. What is meant by IFRS? Explain itsbenefits?
  12. Define Accounting? Explain the objectives of accounting?
  13. Briefly explain the following concepts of accounting:
  • Dual aspect concept
  • Accounting period concept
  • Materiality concept
  1. Show the Accounting Equation on the basis of the following transactions and prepare a Balance Sheet on the basis of the last transaction:
  • Mukesh started business with cash Rs. 1,80.000.
  • Purchased goods for cash Rs. 75,000 and credit Rs. 45,000.
  • Bought furniture for cash Rs. 30,000.
  • Paid rent Rs. 3,000.
  • Withdrew cash for private use Rs. 4,300.
  • Sold goods (costing Rs. 47,000) for Rs. 50,000.
  • Received interest on investment Rs. 2,500.
  • Purchased machinery from Sunil & co. for Rs. 14,000.
  1. What is bank reconciliation statement? Explain the causes of difference between pass book balance and cash book balance.
  2. What is trial balance? Explain its objectives?
  3. What is depreciation? Explain its need for providing depreciation?


English XI


  1. You are living at 32/2, Mohan Singh Marg, Salem – 10. Your area regularly suffers from low voltage problem causing a lot of difficulties for the people.  Write a letter to the Executive Engineer, Tamilnadu Electricity Board, Salem – 5 requesting for urgent intervention. (150 words)
  2. You have a 3-bedroom apartment to be given out for rent. Draft a suitable advertisement to be inserted in the classified column of a newspaper. You are Sudheer, 11/1, Park Avenue, Chennai-4. (50 words)
  3. Swachhta Pakwada was celebrated in your school from 1.9.2017 to 15.9.2017 with a variety of activities. Write a report of the event to be published in your school magazine. Name yourself as Midhun/Meena, XI A, Govt. Model School, Madurai. (150 words)


  1. Describe the Otis family and the diversity of its members’ character. (120 words)
  2. Describe the process and functions of the rain as described in the poem ‘The voice of the Rain’.

Information Practices XI


  1. How keywords are differ from identifiers? Give two examples of keyword and valid identifiers.
  2. What is the use of parse() method? What action the following statement performs?

Short.parseShort(String S)

  1. What will be the result of following expression if (a) age=25 (b) age=65  (c) age=85


age>65  ? 350:100

  1. What will be the value of following, if j=5 intially


  1. What will be the value of following code fragment print out? Initially res is 30.




  1. What is the value of integer variable total after each of the given statements. Assume the variables total, num1 and num2 contain values 10,20 and 30 respectively.





total=(num1==7)?num1 : num2;

  1. What is wrong with the following code fragment.

int Sum=0 ;Step=5;

int I;








  1. Rewrite following while loop using  for loop

int sum=0 , i=1;



sum=sum+i ;


} while(i<=5);


  1. Differentiate setText() and getText() methods using examples.


  1. Rewrite the following code using if.. else construct


Int num = Integer.parseInt(tf1.getText());

switch (num)


case 2:

case 4:

case 6:

case 8:

case 10:

System.out.println(“Even Number”);


case 3:

case 5:

case 7:

System.out.println(“Prime Number”);



System.out.println(“Not a valid number”);





  1. Convert the following code segment using switch-case construct:


intnum = Integer.parseInt(txtNum.getText());

if(num>=2 &&num<=5)


else if(num==6 || num==8 || num==10)



txtRes.setText(“Not Valid”);



  1. Predict the output of the following java construct:

int m=5;

int prod=1;










  1. Write the equivalent java statement for the given expression

a =  0.05 – 2y3



  1. Differentiate between setEditable() and setVisible() methods
  2. Write the syntaxes of while and do-while statements and difference between them
  3. Convert the following segment into an equivalent do..while loop

int x,c;

for(x=10 , c=20 ; c>=10 ; c=c-2)


  1. Is Java case sensitive. What is meant by case sensitive?
  2. Differentiate between the text properties of text area and textfield components

Computer Science XI



Answer the following questions:

  1. Explain the fundamental data types in C++ with the possible combination of modifiers.
  2. Explain the derived data types in C++.
  3. Explain the user defined data types in C++.
  4. Explain how to declare and initialize variables in C++.

Draw flow charts for the following problems:

  1. To print the sum of first ‘n’ even numbers.
  2. Input ‘n’ numbers and print the count of positive and negative numbers.
  3. To enter ‘n’ numbers and to print the sum and average.
  4. To check if a number ‘n’ entered by the user if prime or not.

Write programs in C++ for the following:

  1. To input ‘n’ numbers and to find their sum and average.
  2. To enter the distance in metre and centimeter and to convert it into feet and inches.
  3. To input a number and to print its reverse
  4. To input the radius of a sphere and print its volume.

Physics, XI


Economics, XI

1. Survey / project on current challenges faced by Indian Economy (any one topic):
a. Poverty
b. Unemployment
c. Rural development
d. Human capital formation

2. Compute Standard Deviation and coefficient of variation from the following data:
Frequency: 2,4,6,8,11,9,3,2

3. Calculate quartile deviation and it’s coefficient from the following data: 11,14,17,3,23,21,5,8,10

Accountancy XI


English, XI

  1. An Inter house Carol singing competition is being organized in your school. Draft a notice requesting the house captains to give the names of the participants for the same. Invent the necessary details.You are Gopu/Gopika, school captains ,Tagore Vidya Niketan , Kochi-1.
  2. Frequent outbreak of violence in the school and collages campuses are  regular new items in the media.You feel that the children have forgotten the values of tolerance and forgiveness and there is an urgent need for giving them moral education by parents and teachers.Write an article on ‘Curb Violence Among Students’ in 200 words . You are Vivek / Vidushi , class XI A.
  3. You are the general manager , Cyber Technologies (P) Ltd. Bangalore-10. You have a vacancy for a ‘System Analyst’ in your company. Draft an advertisement for the ‘Situation Vacant’ column of a local daily .
  4. You are Rajiv / Rajasree , 3/1 , Nehru Marg, Coimbatore-5. You saw an advertisement for a System Analyst in the employment news and wish to apply for the same. Send your response along with a details C.V to the general manager , Cyber Technologies (P) Ltd. Bangalore-10.
  5. Write a debate for or against the topic ‘ Entrance exams to be banned for admissions to professional courses ’. You are Devakumar / Devika.
  6. Make a contrasting study of Mr. Crocker Harris and Mr. Frank.

Biology, XI


  1. Diagramatically represent cyclic and non-cyclic photophosphorylation.
  2. Differentiate between a) C3 and C4 plants
  3. b) cyclic and non-cyclic light reaction.
  4. c) C3 and C4 pathway
  5. With the help of a diagram explain chemi osmotic hypothesis.
  6. Schematically represent calvin cycle.
  7. RuBisCo is an enzyme that acts both as a carboxylase and oxygenase. Why

do you think RuBisCo carries out more carboxylation in C4 plants ?

  1. Give a schematic representation of C4 cycle.


Answer all the questions of  exercise of the chapter.

Computer Science, XI


  1. Which of the following array declarations are invalid? State reasons for invalidity.
  2. float a[+40];       ii) int num[0-10];      iii)  double [50];
  3. iv) amount[20] of float; v)  int score[20];    vi) char name[30];  vii)   float values[10];


  1. Write a C++ program to concatenate two strings (without using strcat function)


  1. Write a C++ program to replace all occurrence of a number with zero in an array of 25 elements


  1. What is an array? What is the need for an array?


  1. Write a note on how single dimensional arrays are represented in memory? How to calculate the number of bytes occupied by a single dimensional array? Explain with example


  1. Suppose A,B and C are arrays of sizes m,n and m+n respectively. Write a C++ program to produce a third array C , containing all the data of array A and B


  1. Write a C++ program that takes an array of 10 elements and swap the first and last elements of the array


  1. Write a C++ program to count the occurrence of character ‘S’ in line of text accepted from the user


  1. Write a C++ program to check whether an entered string is palindrome or not


  1. Write a C++ program to reverse a string entered from keyboard.


Date of submission: 05-12-17

Computer Science, XI

  1. Define word length of a computer
  2. What is the purpose of System clock?
  3. Differentiate between CISC and RISC processors
  4. Distinguish between the following
  5. Primary and secondary memory
  6. RAM and ROM
  7. Blueray and DVD
  8. What is the purpose of Cache memory?
  9. Differentiate between EPROM and EEPROM
  10. Write a C++ program to find the GCD(HCF) and LCM of two given numbers
  11. Write a C++ program to count the number of even and odd numbers in a list of n numbers accepted from the user
  12. Write a program to count the number of multiples of 8 between 300 and 600
  13. Write a program to find the lowest number of denominations of an amount accepted from user

(For eg: if amount =1758 the least required denominations are  1 thousand  1 five hundred 2 hundred 1 fifty 1 five 1 two 1 one)


Date of submission: 17-10-16

Informatics Practices, XII


Accountancy, XI

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Accountancy XI

Date of submission: 5 January 2016

Business Studies, XI

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Business Studies XI

Date of submission:  05:01:2016.



Physics, XI

Answer the following questions in your homework book.

       (date of submission : 04/01/2016)

  • A wire is stretched by a force such that its length becomes double. How will the Young’s modulus of the wire be affected?
  • What is the value of modulus of rigidity of an incompressible liquid?
  • Calculate the percentage increase in the length of a wire of diameter 2mm stretched by a force of 1kg F. Young’s modulus of the material of wire is 15 X 1010Nm-2.
  • The pressure of a medium is changed from 1.01 X pa to 1.165 X  pa and changed in volume is 10% keeping temperature constant. Find the bulk modulus of the medium.
  • Water flows through a horizontal pipe line of varying cross section at the rate of 0.2m3s-1. Calculate the velocity of water at a point where the area of cross section of the pipe is 0.02m2