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Physics, XI


Economics, XI

1. Survey / project on current challenges faced by Indian Economy (any one topic):
a. Poverty
b. Unemployment
c. Rural development
d. Human capital formation

2. Compute Standard Deviation and coefficient of variation from the following data:
Frequency: 2,4,6,8,11,9,3,2

3. Calculate quartile deviation and it’s coefficient from the following data: 11,14,17,3,23,21,5,8,10

Accountancy XI


English, XI

  1. An Inter house Carol singing competition is being organized in your school. Draft a notice requesting the house captains to give the names of the participants for the same. Invent the necessary details.You are Gopu/Gopika, school captains ,Tagore Vidya Niketan , Kochi-1.
  2. Frequent outbreak of violence in the school and collages campuses are  regular new items in the media.You feel that the children have forgotten the values of tolerance and forgiveness and there is an urgent need for giving them moral education by parents and teachers.Write an article on ‘Curb Violence Among Students’ in 200 words . You are Vivek / Vidushi , class XI A.
  3. You are the general manager , Cyber Technologies (P) Ltd. Bangalore-10. You have a vacancy for a ‘System Analyst’ in your company. Draft an advertisement for the ‘Situation Vacant’ column of a local daily .
  4. You are Rajiv / Rajasree , 3/1 , Nehru Marg, Coimbatore-5. You saw an advertisement for a System Analyst in the employment news and wish to apply for the same. Send your response along with a details C.V to the general manager , Cyber Technologies (P) Ltd. Bangalore-10.
  5. Write a debate for or against the topic ‘ Entrance exams to be banned for admissions to professional courses ’. You are Devakumar / Devika.
  6. Make a contrasting study of Mr. Crocker Harris and Mr. Frank.

Biology, XI


  1. Diagramatically represent cyclic and non-cyclic photophosphorylation.
  2. Differentiate between a) C3 and C4 plants
  3. b) cyclic and non-cyclic light reaction.
  4. c) C3 and C4 pathway
  5. With the help of a diagram explain chemi osmotic hypothesis.
  6. Schematically represent calvin cycle.
  7. RuBisCo is an enzyme that acts both as a carboxylase and oxygenase. Why

do you think RuBisCo carries out more carboxylation in C4 plants ?

  1. Give a schematic representation of C4 cycle.


Answer all the questions of  exercise of the chapter.

Computer Science, XI


  1. Which of the following array declarations are invalid? State reasons for invalidity.
  2. float a[+40];       ii) int num[0-10];      iii)  double [50];
  3. iv) amount[20] of float; v)  int score[20];    vi) char name[30];  vii)   float values[10];


  1. Write a C++ program to concatenate two strings (without using strcat function)


  1. Write a C++ program to replace all occurrence of a number with zero in an array of 25 elements


  1. What is an array? What is the need for an array?


  1. Write a note on how single dimensional arrays are represented in memory? How to calculate the number of bytes occupied by a single dimensional array? Explain with example


  1. Suppose A,B and C are arrays of sizes m,n and m+n respectively. Write a C++ program to produce a third array C , containing all the data of array A and B


  1. Write a C++ program that takes an array of 10 elements and swap the first and last elements of the array


  1. Write a C++ program to count the occurrence of character ‘S’ in line of text accepted from the user


  1. Write a C++ program to check whether an entered string is palindrome or not


  1. Write a C++ program to reverse a string entered from keyboard.


Date of submission: 05-12-17

Computer Science, XI

  1. Define word length of a computer
  2. What is the purpose of System clock?
  3. Differentiate between CISC and RISC processors
  4. Distinguish between the following
  5. Primary and secondary memory
  6. RAM and ROM
  7. Blueray and DVD
  8. What is the purpose of Cache memory?
  9. Differentiate between EPROM and EEPROM
  10. Write a C++ program to find the GCD(HCF) and LCM of two given numbers
  11. Write a C++ program to count the number of even and odd numbers in a list of n numbers accepted from the user
  12. Write a program to count the number of multiples of 8 between 300 and 600
  13. Write a program to find the lowest number of denominations of an amount accepted from user

(For eg: if amount =1758 the least required denominations are  1 thousand  1 five hundred 2 hundred 1 fifty 1 five 1 two 1 one)


Date of submission: 17-10-16

Informatics Practices, XII


Accountancy, XI

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Accountancy XI

Date of submission: 5 January 2016

Business Studies, XI

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Business Studies XI

Date of submission:  05:01:2016.



Physics, XI

Answer the following questions in your homework book.

       (date of submission : 04/01/2016)

  • A wire is stretched by a force such that its length becomes double. How will the Young’s modulus of the wire be affected?
  • What is the value of modulus of rigidity of an incompressible liquid?
  • Calculate the percentage increase in the length of a wire of diameter 2mm stretched by a force of 1kg F. Young’s modulus of the material of wire is 15 X 1010Nm-2.
  • The pressure of a medium is changed from 1.01 X pa to 1.165 X  pa and changed in volume is 10% keeping temperature constant. Find the bulk modulus of the medium.
  • Water flows through a horizontal pipe line of varying cross section at the rate of 0.2m3s-1. Calculate the velocity of water at a point where the area of cross section of the pipe is 0.02m2


English, XI

1) Reading project for session ending exam in the same manner of the previous project already submitted for half yearly
2) Summarise the last three chapters of The Canterville Ghost

Accountancy, XI

Accountncy, XI

Political Science XI


Prepare an assignment on the topic  ‘  Freeedom ,Equality and Social Justice.


Biology, XI

1.Diagrammatically represent the following,

  1. a) Z scheme

b)Cyclic electron transport

  1. c) Chemiosmotic hypothesis

d)Calvin cycle

d)C 4 pathway

  1. What is kranz anatomy

3.Write five differences between C3 cycle and C4 cycle.

4.Photorespiration is a wasteful process .Why?

5.Non-cyclic electron does not take place in stroma lamella .why?

Date of submission: 4 January 2016



Information Practices, XI

Information Practices XI