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Business Studies, XII

Answer all questions.

  1. ‘Identifying and dividing the work’ is the first step in the process of one of the function of management. Identify the function.
  2. Shakti industries used to import animal fat for manufacturing Vanaspati Ghee. However, due to public protest company was forced to stop using animal fat in making of ghee.

Which dimension of business environment is relevant here?

  1. Name the type of organisation in which :
  • Friendly relationship exists among the members.
  • Official relationship exists among the members.
  1. State the type of plan does not allow any flexibility?
  2. Briefly explain the importance of business environment.
  3. Define the term ‘Functional Structure’ of an organisation and enumerate any three merits of this form of organisational structure.
  4. Explain how (a) Planning reduces the risk of uncertainty and (b) Planning involves huge costs.
  5. A recent rate cut in the interest on loans announced by the banks encouraged Sharma, a science student of Doon School to take a loan from State Bank of India to experiment and develop cars to be powered by fuel produced from garbage. He developed such a car and exhibited it in the Science Fair organised by Directorate of Education. He was awarded first prize for his invention.

Identify and explain the dimensions of business environment discussed in the above case.

  1. Enumerate the steps in the process of organising?
  2. Why does planning sometimes fail in spite of the best efforts of management? Give reason.
  3. Verma, after completing his MBA, took up a job with a multinational company named ‘Fortio’. The company was paying good salary and perks to its employees. The wages were within the paying capacity of the company that provided the employees a reasonable standard of good towards their subordinates. Verma was very happy in this organisation. But due to long working hours he did not have time to cook his meal. He had to depend upon outside food, which was deteriorating his health.

Verma observed that this problem was faced by many of his colleagues, not only in his company but also in many other companies. This was because of increase in the number of working men and non-availability of hygienic home-cooked food. He identified this as a great opportunity and decided to give up his job to supply packaged home-cooked food to office goers at a reasonable price. At the end of the day healso distributing the left-over food in the nearby night-shelters.

  • State the dimension of business environment being discussed above.
  • State the principle of management being followed by ‘Fortio’.
  • Identify any two values being communicated by the society in the above case.


  1. What is meant by organising? Explain the importance of organising


  1. “Defining organisational objectives is the first step in the process of planning”.Explain the other steps in this process.


  1. What is meant by leadership?


  1. Name the two types of incentives used to motivate people.


  1. Which function of management ensures that actual activities conform to

planned activities.

  1. How does motivation improve the efficiency of workers in an organisation? Give any three points.
  2. “To be a successful leader, one must possess some qualities”. State any three such qualities of a leader.
  3. Describe the relationship between controlling and planning functions of management?
  4. Briefly state the types of leadership styles?
  5. “Directing is the heart of management process”. Do you agree? Give any four reasons in support of your answer.
  6. Arun is working in a multinational company in Cochi. He was running temperature for the last many days. When blood was tested, he was found positive for dengue with a very low platelet count. Therefore, he was admitted in the hospital and a blood transfusion was advised by the doctors. One of his colleagues sent a text message about his immediate superior Mr.Narayan. Mr.Narayan in turn sent a text message to the employees of the organisation requesting to donate blood for Arun. When the General Manager came to know about it, he ordered for fumigation in the company premises and cleanliness for the surroundings.
  • From the above para quote lines that indicate formal and informal communication.
  • State any two features of informal communication.
  • Identify any two values that are being communicated to the society in the above case.


  1. What is controlling? Explain the various steps in the process of controlling?
  2. What is capital structure? Explain the factors affecting capital structure of a company?
  3. Explain the factors determining working capital requirements of accompany?




Date of submission:   06/10/2017


Accountancy XII


English XII

  1. You are living at 32/2, Mohan Singh Marg, Salem – 10. Your area regularly suffers from low voltage problem causing a lot of difficulties for the people.  Write a letter to the Executive Engineer, Tamilnadu Electricity Board, Salem – 5 requesting for urgent intervention. (150 words)
  2. You have a 3-bedroom apartment to be given out for rent. Draft a suitable advertisement to be inserted in the classified column of a newspaper. You are Sudheer, 11/1, Park Avenue, Chennai-4. (50 words)
  3. Swachhta Pakwada was celebrated in your school from 1.9.2017 to 15.9.2017 with a variety of activities. Write a report of the event to be published in your school magazine. Name yourself as Midhun/Meena, XI A, Govt. Model School, Madurai. (150 words


  1. ‘Deep Water’ gives us a strong message of hard work and determination for success in life.’ Elucidate (120 words)
  2. Comment on the good-parenting by Roger Skunk’s mother. (120 words)
  3. Griffin aroused suspicion in the minds of the Iping villagers right from the day he arrived there. Discuss. (120 words)



Computer Science XII


  1. Find and write the output of the following C++ program code :

Note : Assume all required header files are already being included in

the program.

void main()


int *Point, Score[]={100,95,150,75,65,120};

Point = Score;

for(int L = 0; L<6; L++)



*Point /= 2;


*Point -= 2;


*Point /= 5;



for(int L = 5; L>=0; L–)





  1. Write the definition of a function AddUp(int Arr[], int N) in C++, in

which all even positions (i.e., 0,2,4,…) of the array should be added

with the content of the element in the next position and odd

positions (i.e., 1,3,5,…) elements should be incremented by 10.

Example : if the array Arr contains

23 30 45 10 15 25

Then the array should become

53 40 55 20 40 35

Note :

  • The function should only alter the content in the same array.
  • The function should not copy the altered content in another


  • The function should not display the altered content of the


  • Assuming, the Number of elements in the array are Even.


  1. ARR[15][20] is a two-dimensional array, which is stored in the

memory along the row with each of its elements occupying 4 bytes.

Find the address of the element ARR[5][15], if the element

ARR[10][5] is stored at the memory location 35000.


  1. Write the definition of a member function PUSHGIFT() for a class

STACK in C++, to add a GIFT in a dynamically allocated stack of

GIFTs considering the following code is already written as a part of

the program :

struct GIFT


int GCODE; //Gift Code

char GDESC[20]; //Gift Description

GIFT *Link;


class STACK


Gift *TOP;



void PUSHGIFT();

void POPGIFT();





  1. Write definition for a function SHOWMID(int P[][5], int R, int C) in C++ to

display the elements of middle row and middle column from a two dimensional

array P having R number of rows and C number of columns.

For example, if the content of array is as follows :

115 112 116 101 125
103 101 121 102 101
185 109 109 160 172

The function should display the following as output :

103 101 121 102 101

116 121 109

Business Studies, XII

  1. Define management?
  2. State the features of management?
  3. Explain the objectives of management?
  4. State various levels of management and also its functions.
  5. Explain whether management is a science and an art?
  6. Explain whether management is a full pledged profession.
  7. What is coordination? State its importance?
  8. Explain why management is necessary for the business?
  9. What are the social objectives of management?

Write any two functions of lower level management?

Accountancy, XII

  1. Define partnership?
  2. State and explain the features of partnership?
  3. What is partnership deed?
  4. State the contents of partnership deed?
  5. State the provisions affecting accounts in the absence of partnership deed.
  6. What is goodwill?
  7. State the factors affecting goodwill of a business?
  8. How will you calculate goodwill of a business.
  9. How will you calculate interest on drawings when a partner draws a specific amount in the beginning of every month/ middle of every month/ last day of every month.
  10. Explain various methods of valuation of goodwill?
  11. Develop a comprehensive problem in your own and from that pass necessary journal entries, prepare ledger accounts, trial balance , trading , profit and loss account and balancesheet on that date.

English, XII

  1. Make a summary of the ‘The Invisible Man’ in about 500 words.
  2. ‘The Invisible Man’ is a strong message by H G Wells against ‘Science without Morality’. Discuss in 120 – 150 words.
  3. Kemp finally appears as the saviour of the people of port Burdock. Comment in 120 – 150 words.
  4. ‘It is cruel to put stray dogs to death.’ Write a debate in 150 – 200 words either for or against the motion.  You are Sandeep/Sandya, XII A.

Chemistry, XII

Chemistry Class XII

Economics, XII

1. What is an economic problem? Have you ever come across any cases of economic problem in your life?
2. List your needs according to your priorities which you would like to satisfy from your monthly pocket money.are you able to meet all your needs with the pocket Money provided to you? If not mention why?
3. What is the kind of economic system followed in India? What are the different types of Economic systems?
4. Draw the given variables in a scatter diagram and Find the slope from the following data of two variables given below:also comment on the shape of the curve/line thus obtained
X.       Y
10.     2
20.     4
30.     6
40.     8
50.    10

Geography, XII

Geography Class XII

Computer Science, XII

Computer Science, Class XII

Informatics Practices, XII

Informatics Practices XII

History, XI

  1. The complete CBSE project work (group work)
  2. To complete project work for III rd term (individual work).


Comparative study of Fidel Castro, Lenin, Hitler & Mahatma Gandhi.

  1. To complete the C.W & H.W in terms of the chapter number: 8 (Confrontation Of Cultures).

Business Studies, XII

  1. What is management?
  2. State the objectives of management?
  3. Explain the characteristics of management?
  4. Explain the importance of management?
  5. What is coordination?
  1. What is a profession? Explain whether management is a full pledged profession?
  2. Explain the functions of management?
  3. What is marketing? Explain the functions of market?
  4. Explain the elements of marketing?
  5. What is consumer protection?
  6. Explain the rights of consumers as per Consumer Protection Act 1986?

Date of submission  : 1st June 2016.

Accountancy, XII

Answer all the questions.

  1. Define partnership?
  2. Briefly explain the characteristics of partnership?
  3. What is partnership deed? State its contents.
  4. Difference between fixed captal and fluctuating capital.
  5. State the points affecting accounts in the absence of partnership deed?
  6. What is profit and loss appropriation account?
  7. What is a company?
  8. Explain the features of a joint stock company?
  9. What is a share? State the types of shares?
  10. What is a preference share? State its types.
  11. Difference betweem share and preference share.
  12. What is a debenture?
  13. Explain the types of debentures.
  14. Difference between share and debenture.

15.Project work – Comprehensive problem.

Visit any business establishment in your locality and collect transactions relating to a particular month/year, from that transactions pass journal entries and prepare ledger accounts, trial balance , trading, profit and loss account and balancesheet.


Date of submission:  31st May 2016.

Information Practices, XII

For the various swing controls in Net Beans, prepare a chart like the following:

  1. Swing Control Name: jLabel


Property Description
text Displays the text on the label
toolTipText Displays the text when mouse is moved over the label control
font Sets the font of the text displayed in label control
enabled Determines whether label control is enabled or not at runtime
name Sets the name of the label control
setText Sets the text displayed on label at runtime
getText Retrieves the text from label at runtime.  It returns a string value

Like the above data, prepare properties table for the following swing controls:

  1. jButton
  2. jTextField
  3. jTextArea
  4. jRadioButton
  5. jCheckBox
  6. jComboBox
  7. jListBox
  8. jPassword