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Business Studies, XII

  1. Define management?
  2. State the features of management?
  3. Explain the objectives of management?
  4. State various levels of management and also its functions.
  5. Explain whether management is a science and an art?
  6. Explain whether management is a full pledged profession.
  7. What is coordination? State its importance?
  8. Explain why management is necessary for the business?
  9. What are the social objectives of management?

Write any two functions of lower level management?

Accountancy, XII

  1. Define partnership?
  2. State and explain the features of partnership?
  3. What is partnership deed?
  4. State the contents of partnership deed?
  5. State the provisions affecting accounts in the absence of partnership deed.
  6. What is goodwill?
  7. State the factors affecting goodwill of a business?
  8. How will you calculate goodwill of a business.
  9. How will you calculate interest on drawings when a partner draws a specific amount in the beginning of every month/ middle of every month/ last day of every month.
  10. Explain various methods of valuation of goodwill?
  11. Develop a comprehensive problem in your own and from that pass necessary journal entries, prepare ledger accounts, trial balance , trading , profit and loss account and balancesheet on that date.

English, XII

  1. Make a summary of the ‘The Invisible Man’ in about 500 words.
  2. ‘The Invisible Man’ is a strong message by H G Wells against ‘Science without Morality’. Discuss in 120 – 150 words.
  3. Kemp finally appears as the saviour of the people of port Burdock. Comment in 120 – 150 words.
  4. ‘It is cruel to put stray dogs to death.’ Write a debate in 150 – 200 words either for or against the motion.  You are Sandeep/Sandya, XII A.

Chemistry, XII

Chemistry Class XII

Economics, XII

1. What is an economic problem? Have you ever come across any cases of economic problem in your life?
2. List your needs according to your priorities which you would like to satisfy from your monthly pocket money.are you able to meet all your needs with the pocket Money provided to you? If not mention why?
3. What is the kind of economic system followed in India? What are the different types of Economic systems?
4. Draw the given variables in a scatter diagram and Find the slope from the following data of two variables given below:also comment on the shape of the curve/line thus obtained
X.       Y
10.     2
20.     4
30.     6
40.     8
50.    10

Geography, XII

Geography Class XII

Computer Science, XII

Computer Science, Class XII

Informatics Practices, XII

Informatics Practices XII

History, XI

  1. The complete CBSE project work (group work)
  2. To complete project work for III rd term (individual work).


Comparative study of Fidel Castro, Lenin, Hitler & Mahatma Gandhi.

  1. To complete the C.W & H.W in terms of the chapter number: 8 (Confrontation Of Cultures).

Business Studies, XII

  1. What is management?
  2. State the objectives of management?
  3. Explain the characteristics of management?
  4. Explain the importance of management?
  5. What is coordination?
  1. What is a profession? Explain whether management is a full pledged profession?
  2. Explain the functions of management?
  3. What is marketing? Explain the functions of market?
  4. Explain the elements of marketing?
  5. What is consumer protection?
  6. Explain the rights of consumers as per Consumer Protection Act 1986?

Date of submission  : 1st June 2016.

Accountancy, XII

Answer all the questions.

  1. Define partnership?
  2. Briefly explain the characteristics of partnership?
  3. What is partnership deed? State its contents.
  4. Difference between fixed captal and fluctuating capital.
  5. State the points affecting accounts in the absence of partnership deed?
  6. What is profit and loss appropriation account?
  7. What is a company?
  8. Explain the features of a joint stock company?
  9. What is a share? State the types of shares?
  10. What is a preference share? State its types.
  11. Difference betweem share and preference share.
  12. What is a debenture?
  13. Explain the types of debentures.
  14. Difference between share and debenture.

15.Project work – Comprehensive problem.

Visit any business establishment in your locality and collect transactions relating to a particular month/year, from that transactions pass journal entries and prepare ledger accounts, trial balance , trading, profit and loss account and balancesheet.


Date of submission:  31st May 2016.

Information Practices, XII

For the various swing controls in Net Beans, prepare a chart like the following:

  1. Swing Control Name: jLabel


Property Description
text Displays the text on the label
toolTipText Displays the text when mouse is moved over the label control
font Sets the font of the text displayed in label control
enabled Determines whether label control is enabled or not at runtime
name Sets the name of the label control
setText Sets the text displayed on label at runtime
getText Retrieves the text from label at runtime.  It returns a string value

Like the above data, prepare properties table for the following swing controls:

  1. jButton
  2. jTextField
  3. jTextArea
  4. jRadioButton
  5. jCheckBox
  6. jComboBox
  7. jListBox
  8. jPassword


Computer Science, XII

  1. Differentiate between keywords and identifiers.
  2. What are the Rules for framing identifier names?
  3. Differentiate between implicit and explicit type conversions
  4. What is the effect of absence of break in a switch statement? What is the purpose of default in a switch?
  5. Differentiate between break and continue statements
  6. What is the difference between entry control loop and exit control loop?
  7. Differentiate between local and global variable.
  8. Differentiate between formal parameters and actual parameters of a function.
  9. Differentiate between call by value and call by reference methods of function call.
  10. Differentiate between functions returning values and functions returning reference.
  11. What do you mean by default parameters of a function
  12. Differentiate between a structure and an array.
  13. Explain the initialization of arrays and structures
  14. What is a nested structure?
  15. Explain the purpose of ‘typedef’ command and ‘define ‘preprocessor directive.
  16. Solve Question No. 1(excluding questions on pointers) and Question No. 3(Only the questions related to arrays) from at least 5 Board Papers.

Chemistry, XII

Complete the investigators project work and record work given by the respective subject teachers.

Physics, XII

Complete the record work/investigatory works given by respective subject teachers.

  1. How does lightening occur? Explain the mechanism?
  2. Login to google and visit https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/askphysics. Request to join. After getting accepted for membership, Join the discussion forum and ask your doubts in physics. The questions will be answered by the Physics teachers of the group.

English, XII

  1. Write a book review.
  2. Write the summary of the long reading text- “ THE INVISIBLE MAN “.
  3. Draft the following


                        (ii) Advertisement (classified & display)

                      (iii) Invitation

                       (iv)  Notice

  1. Draft a letter on the following topics:-

(i)for a job application.

(ii)for placing an order.

(iii)to the editor.