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German VIII

1. Find the names of companies manufacturing stationery items in the 3 German speaking countries.

2. Write down a list of stationery items and write the names of the companies manufacturing them against these.

3. On the worksheet supplied, write down the names of the parts of the body. Find out the German names, their articles, and their plural forms, and complete the worksheet.


Ms T. Krishnaveni, German Teacher

German VII

1. Write 10-12 sentences about yourself in German. Include sentences about your family.

2. Write a dialog as shown on Page 31 of your text book. You have to choose 2 friends-one male and one female, and ask them questions as shown in the dialog puzzle on this page.

3. Write all this on A 4 sized papers and bring to the class on after the reopening of the school. Maintain a file for all this and for later use.


Ms T. Krishnaveni, German Teacher

German VI

Learn the meanings of all the words written at the back of the notebook.


Ms T. Krishnaveni, German Teacher