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Business Studies, XI

  1. What is e-business?
  2. What reward an enterprise gets for risk-bearing in business?
  3. A person sells his old car at a profit, can it be termed as business activity.
  4. What is social responsibility of business? Explain the arguments in favour of social responsibility?
  5. State any two advantages of Joint Hindu Family Business?
  6. Distinguish between business and employment.
  7. What are the consequences of non registration of partnership firm?
  8. State various trade centres in ancient India.
  9. Briefly state the causes of business risks?
  10. Explain the scope of e-business?
  11. Bring out any three functions of commerce?

12.A partnership with five partners is operating a shoe factory and retail outlets in five big cities. The demand of the firm’s products has increased considerably, but it does not have the capacity to produce demanded quantity. For expanding its operations, the firm needs more capital, manpower and machinery. For this, the firm can admit new partners or convert partnership into a public limited company. Which alternative will you suggest and why.

  1. What is an industry? Explain different types of Primary industries?
  2. Explain the principles of insurance?
  3. Explain the factors keep in mind while starting a business?

16.”One man control is the best in the world if that one man is big enough to manage everything.” Explain this statement.

  1. Define a partnership? Explain the different types of partners?
  2. Differentiate between traditional business and e- business?
  3. Explain the problems of small business?
  4. Explain the role of small business in India?
  5. Explain the services of wholesaler to manufactures and retailers.
  6. What is meant by business? Why should a business have multiple objectives? Explain.
  7. Explain various sources of finance available for business?

Accountancy, XII

  1. What are not for profit organisations?
  2. Give two examples of not for profit organisations.
  3. State the features of not for profit organisations.
  4. State various accounts prepared by not for profit organisations?
  5. What is Receipts and Payments A/C? State its features.
  6. What is Income and Expenditure A/C?
  7. Distinguish between income and expenditure a/c and receipts and payments a/c.
  8. Explain how will you treat the following items while preparing accounts for not for profit organisations:
  • Donations
  • Entrance fee
  • Legacies
  • Subscriptions
  • Sale of sports materials
  • Endowment fund.


  1. Show how will you deal with the following items in the financial statements of a Sports Club:
            Details  Amount (Rs)
     Sports Fund

Sports Fund Investments

Income from Sports Fund Investments

Donation for Sports Fund

Sports prizes awarded

Expenses on sports events

General fund

General fund investments










  1.  From the following Receipts and Payments Account of Literary Club and from the information   supplied, prepare Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31st December 2017 and Balance sheet on that date.  Also identify the value being conveyed in the problem.

Receipts and Payments Account for the year ended 31st Dec. 2017.

    Receipts Amount       Payments  Amount
Balance b/d

Subscriptions:         Rs

2016           1,200

2017          26,500

2018            500

Sale of old furniture

(Book value Rs 7000)

Interest on fixed deposits

Sale of old newspaper

Government Grants














Electricity charges




Fixed deposit

(on 1/04/2017@9% p.a)

Balance c/d














  • Subscriptions outstanding as on 31/12/2016 were Rs . 2,000 and on 31/12/2017 was Rs 2,500
  • On 31st 2016, Salaries outstanding amounted to Rs. 600. and Rent outstanding was Rs. 1,200

(iii)The Club owed furniture Rs;15,000 and Books Rs, 7,000 on 1/01/2017

  1. Define partnership? State its features?
  2. What is partnership deed? State its cotents?
  3. In the absence partnership deed how will you treat the following in partnership A/cs.
  • Interest on capital
  • Interest on drawings
  • Salary to partner
  • Loans and advances

Hindi VI-X

Hindi VI-X (Autumn Break 2017)

English XII

  1. You are living at 32/2, Mohan Singh Marg, Salem – 10. Your area regularly suffers from low voltage problem causing a lot of difficulties for the people.  Write a letter to the Executive Engineer, Tamilnadu Electricity Board, Salem – 5 requesting for urgent intervention. (150 words)
  2. You have a 3-bedroom apartment to be given out for rent. Draft a suitable advertisement to be inserted in the classified column of a newspaper. You are Sudheer, 11/1, Park Avenue, Chennai-4. (50 words)
  3. Swachhta Pakwada was celebrated in your school from 1.9.2017 to 15.9.2017 with a variety of activities. Write a report of the event to be published in your school magazine. Name yourself as Midhun/Meena, XI A, Govt. Model School, Madurai. (150 words


  1. ‘Deep Water’ gives us a strong message of hard work and determination for success in life.’ Elucidate (120 words)
  2. Comment on the good-parenting by Roger Skunk’s mother. (120 words)
  3. Griffin aroused suspicion in the minds of the Iping villagers right from the day he arrived there. Discuss. (120 words)



Information Practices XI


  1. How keywords are differ from identifiers? Give two examples of keyword and valid identifiers.
  2. What is the use of parse() method? What action the following statement performs?

Short.parseShort(String S)

  1. What will be the result of following expression if (a) age=25 (b) age=65  (c) age=85


age>65  ? 350:100

  1. What will be the value of following, if j=5 intially


  1. What will be the value of following code fragment print out? Initially res is 30.




  1. What is the value of integer variable total after each of the given statements. Assume the variables total, num1 and num2 contain values 10,20 and 30 respectively.





total=(num1==7)?num1 : num2;

  1. What is wrong with the following code fragment.

int Sum=0 ;Step=5;

int I;








  1. Rewrite following while loop using  for loop

int sum=0 , i=1;



sum=sum+i ;


} while(i<=5);


  1. Differentiate setText() and getText() methods using examples.


  1. Rewrite the following code using if.. else construct


Int num = Integer.parseInt(tf1.getText());

switch (num)


case 2:

case 4:

case 6:

case 8:

case 10:

System.out.println(“Even Number”);


case 3:

case 5:

case 7:

System.out.println(“Prime Number”);



System.out.println(“Not a valid number”);





  1. Convert the following code segment using switch-case construct:


intnum = Integer.parseInt(txtNum.getText());

if(num>=2 &&num<=5)


else if(num==6 || num==8 || num==10)



txtRes.setText(“Not Valid”);



  1. Predict the output of the following java construct:

int m=5;

int prod=1;










  1. Write the equivalent java statement for the given expression

a =  0.05 – 2y3



  1. Differentiate between setEditable() and setVisible() methods
  2. Write the syntaxes of while and do-while statements and difference between them
  3. Convert the following segment into an equivalent do..while loop

int x,c;

for(x=10 , c=20 ; c>=10 ; c=c-2)


  1. Is Java case sensitive. What is meant by case sensitive?
  2. Differentiate between the text properties of text area and textfield components

Computer Science XI



Answer the following questions:

  1. Explain the fundamental data types in C++ with the possible combination of modifiers.
  2. Explain the derived data types in C++.
  3. Explain the user defined data types in C++.
  4. Explain how to declare and initialize variables in C++.

Draw flow charts for the following problems:

  1. To print the sum of first ‘n’ even numbers.
  2. Input ‘n’ numbers and print the count of positive and negative numbers.
  3. To enter ‘n’ numbers and to print the sum and average.
  4. To check if a number ‘n’ entered by the user if prime or not.

Write programs in C++ for the following:

  1. To input ‘n’ numbers and to find their sum and average.
  2. To enter the distance in metre and centimeter and to convert it into feet and inches.
  3. To input a number and to print its reverse
  4. To input the radius of a sphere and print its volume.

English X A,B,C

Write summary of the Long Reading Novel ‘Story of My Life’. (Chapter 1 to 10)


  • Use A4 size paper or Assignment Paper
  • Do not use file.


English IX A, B, C

  1. Write summary of the Long Reading Novel ‘Three Men in a Boat’. (Chapter 1 to 10)

NOTE: Use A4 size paper or Assignment Paper

English, VI A, B, C

  1. Read the first three chapters of the Supplementary Reader ‘ A Pact With the Sun’  and make a Vocabulary List of 15-20 words from each chapter and write their meanings with the help of dictionary.
  2. Read a short story by any Indian English Write and write a short summary.


NOTE: (Use A4 size paper)

Maths V A,B,C


  1. Write multiplication table from 1 to 15
  2. Using the Cutout of the basic shapes, make at least five sea animals.


  1. Draw an outline map of India and locate the states
  2. Find out National parks in India and write which state it is.

English, IV

  • Learn a short story with a moral .
  • Read a story book . Write a short summary of the story. Write about one character that  you liked most from that story.(A4 size paper)

Maths VIII

Maths Class VIII

English, IX, X

Download OTBA material from cbse site and read it. Prepare the questions’ answers

English VI

Read a story written by Ruskin Bond or O Henry and write a brief summary. Make a vocabulary list of 25 words from the story with its meaning.

Physics, X

  1. An object of 1 cm high produces a real image 1.5 cm high, when placed at a distance of 15 cm from concave mirror .calculate the position of the image?
  2. Refractive index of water is 4/3 and that of glass is 3/2with regard to air. What is the refractive index of glass with respect to water?
  3. How much time will light take to cross 4mm thick glass pane if refractive index of glass is 3/2?
  4. Explain with the help of diagram , why a pencil partly immersed in water appears to be bent at the water surface?
  5. Calculate the distance at which an object should be placed in front of a concave mirror of focal length 15cm to obtain an image triple of its size?
  6. An object of 0.2 m high is placed at a distance of 0.4m from a concave mirror of radius of curvature 0.3 m. Find the position , nature and size of the image formed?

ASSIGNMENT(To be submitted in a separate file)

Draw  ray diagrams showing the image formation of   

  1. concave mirror – all positions
  2. convex mirror – all positions
  3. concave lens – all positions
  4. convex lens -all positions

Also mention the position,nature and size of the image formed in each case.