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Contact your Teacher

Dear students/parents of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom,

If you have any doubt/question related to any of the Home works and Assignments uploaded on this website. You may send a message to your subject teacher here.

Contact e-mail: librarykvpattom@gmail.com


  1. anam says:

    Awesome superb nice V.V.V.gud

  2. Manju says:

    The site is very useful especially for the parents of smaller children who do not always take down everything given in the class. But the difficulty that one encounters is that in the case of many subjects, there are only entries that were made in the past years and not this year’s. Past entries could be deleted so as to avoid confusion.
    It is not possible to post feedback either, as the window ‘class/division’ asks for an e-mail ID.
    And please make sure that all the home works are compulsorily given in the website.

  3. kvpteacher says:

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    The ‘Feedback’ & ‘Contact your Teacher’ pages are updated. Kindly see the date of posting for the respective assignments.

    We will try to improve the interface.


    S. L. Faisal, Admin

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